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    OsteoCare™ Socket Formers are indicated for:

    • Osteotomy preparation.
    • Expansion of atrophic ridges.
    • Used as condensers to increase quality of soft bone.
    • Internal sinus floor augmentation (internal sinus lifting)

    Available in two boxed sets of six instruments, each set for a different application.
    The Socket Formers Pointed Set comprises of six instruments including a site marker and pilot socket former

    Commencing with the pilot socket former, after using the site marker to mark the entry point, the socket formers are used in an increasing diameter sequence. The specific application is in preparation of an implant osteotomy but may also to be used as condensers in low density bone and where expansion of a narrow alveolar ridge is required.

    Socket formers are introduced into the bone by malleting.
    The Socket Formers Flat-end Set comprises of six instruments including a site marker and pilot socket former

    Flat-end socket formers are used for internal sinus lifting (osteotome-mediated sinus floor augmentation) and to place Maxi Z Flat-End implants. The flat-end design of both the socket former and implant allows for the procedure of sinus lifting to be performed without perforating the Schneiderian membrane that lines the maxillary sinus.

    After osteotomy preparation using sequential drilling , the socket formers are introduced by malleting to infracture the floor of the maxillary sinus. Choice of socket former diameter depends on the diameter of the implant as well as bone quality.
    The use of all socket formers is considered an advanced technique. Before use the dentist should have attended a relevant training course.See education section for further details.

    Site Marker & Pilot Former

    instruments Code Implant Type Color
    Site Marker IN-ISF-SM1 Used for all implants Black
    Pilot Former IN-ISF-PSF Used for all implants White

     Socket Formers Flat-End

    Osteotome Size Code Implant Type Color
    3.00mm IN-ISFE-300 Maxi Z Flat-End 3.75mm Yellow
    3.75mm IN-ISFE-375 Maxi Z Flat-End 4.50mm Blue
    4.50mm IN-ISFE-450 Maxi Z Flat-End 5.50mm Green
    5.50mm IN-ISFE-550 Maxi Z Flat-End 5.50mm Purple

     Socket Formers Pointed

    Osteotome Size Code Implant Type Color
    2.75mm IN-ISF-275 Midi or Maxi Z Red
    3.00mm IN-ISF-300 Maxi Z & Conventional Implants Yellow
    3.75mm IN-ISF-375 Maxi Z & Conventional Implants Blue
    4.50mm IN-ISF-450 Maxi Z & Conventional Implants Green