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    Ridge expanders may be used in conjunction with socket formers and osteotomy burs if simultaneous placement of implants is undertaken, they can also be used for separation of the cortical plates for inter-positional grafting.
    The four Ridge Expanders are manufactured from hardened stainless steel and sharpened for precise application. They are ‘D’ shaped or parabolic in cross section, available in four widths and calibrated from the working tips at 10mm, 15mm and 20mm.
    The instrument size can be identified by circumferential grooves on the handle. Intended use is expansion of the maxillary ridge, to create adequate width for implant placement and to recontour the labial plate. The ‘D’ shape prevents buccal fracture by extending the expansion over a great distance and should be used with the flat side toward the palate and the convex side to the labial.