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    OsteoCare™ Screw Retained Abutments (SRA) – used to connect single or multi-unit restorations to the implant, such as fixed crowns or bridges. In addition to their function as a base for the restoration, they also transfer occlusal forces to the implant via the restoration.
    Should preparation of the Screw Retained Abutment be required, a diamond or carbide bur together with the Abutment Preparation Handle may be used. This is followed by either a direct impression being taken using conventional crown and bridge techniques, or an impression transfer for an indirect impression-taking of the implant, allowing the laboratory to prepare the abutment and fabricate the restoration.

    Osteocare™ Screw Retained Abutments (SRA) are made from titanium alloy (Ti/6Al/4V) and can be prepared if necessary. Designed with a 2.2mm diameter external hexagon for anti-rotational telescopic fixation to the implant internal hexagon.
    At the stage of restoration delivery, the SRA is seated and fixed to the implant internal hexagon by an Abutment Fastening Screw. The screw has a 1.5mm hexagon that is compatible with the 1.5mm hexagon driver. The screw is tightened intraorally to 30N/cm and checked using the torque wrench.
    Available in diameters of 3.75mm, 4.50mm & 5.10mm, with angles from 0º – 45º in increments of 5º.

    0º -> 30º
    Screw Retained Abutment Product Code Angle
    3.75mm CO-SRA3-000 -> 045 0º -> 45º
    4.50mm CO-SRA4-000 -> 045 0º -> 45º
    5.10mm CO-SRA5-000 -> 030


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