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    Temporary Abutment (peek) is used as a provisional abutment to support a provisional single or multiple unit restoration, and should be placed in the mouth for no longer than 30 days. After implantation the provisional abutment is secured in the implant and the form of the surrounding mucosa is marked on the abutment. The abutment is then modified accordingly in the laboratory. After re-insertion in the mouth the screw is covered with wax and a prefabricated crown is relined to fit. Alternatively a temporary crown is made chair-side and secured with temporary cement.

    -Manufactured from peek autoclavable surgical plastic that can be manufactured to very fine tolerances
    -Screw Retained
    -Used for single, partial or full mouth restorations
    -Suitable for all positions in the mouth
    -Allows precise and easy impression procedure
    -Cost-effective (re-usable for up to six cases) 

    Peek Temporary Abutment Product Code Angle
    4.50mm CO-TAP4-000 -> 045 0º -> 45º
    5.00mm CO-TAP5-000 -> 030 0º -> 30º