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    OsteoCare™ Impression Transfer is a two-piece component comprising of a retaining screw and impression sleeve, designed for an implant-level impression using the open or closed tray indirect impression technique.
    The indirect impression technique has vast benefits for both the clinician and laboratory technician. Saving time for the clinician and providing the technician with all options to produce the most precise prosthetic results.

    The Impression Transfer is used to accurately replicate the internal hex of the implant fixture level in the mouth, which is then placed on the master model.
    • Manufactured from Titanium Alloy
    • Used for Single or multiple dental restorations
    • Suitable for most positions in the mouth
    • Open and closed tray methods are used interchangeably according to the clinician’s preference and case complexity

    Diameter Length
    3.75mm Short / Long – Open Tray / Closed Tray
    4.50mm Short / Long – Open Tray / Closed Tray
    5.00mm Short / Long – Open Tray / Closed Tray


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