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    OsteoCare™ Healing Collar is designed for contouring and moulding the peri-implant soft tissue. For the one-stage delayed function technique, the healing collar is used to replace the implant cover screw. This eliminates the necessity of second-stage surgery. If using two-stage technique the cover screw is exposed by soft tissue punching/raising a crestal flap. The cover screw can then be removed and the healing collar fitted.

    – Manufactured from titanium alloy with a fine micro machined surface
    – Collar matches implant diameter and flare to fit subsequent components
    – 1.5mm internal hexagon on top surface corresponds with 1.5mm driver
    – Available in various diameters and lengths

    Diameter Length
    3.75mm Short – Long
    4.50mm Short – Long
    5.00mm Short – Long – Extra Long