OsteoCare are pleased to announce the introduction of the OT Equator range to our product portfolio…..

Working in partnership with Rhein83, we are delighted to offer a bespoke ‘low profile’ Equator system engineered to provide complete compatibility with the OsteoCare range of two piece implants!

Rhein83, have pioneered the simple concept of ball and cap connectors. Over recent years, this technology has become a go-to solution for RPD’s and overdenture prosthetic design, improving oral health, functionality, esthetics and patient comfort

The OT Equator System is a line of low profile, threaded components for direct implant over-denture attachments, engineered to be the smallest attachment system on the market. The Equator comprises an Titanium Nitride coated ‘implant overdenture abutment’ with a connecting ‘colour coded’ (providing varying degrees of retention) nylon elastic receptor, seated within a titanium housing which is processed into the removable prosthetic device.

    Equators Height
    Equator Maxi Z Ø3.75, Ø4.5 & Ø5.5 3mm & 5mm
    Equator Tools – Caps – Laboratory
    Cap Insertion Tool
    Equator Screwing Key
    Equator Cap Extractor
    Impression Transfers
    Laboratory Cap Kit
    Laboratory Analogue
    Replacement Equator Cap Kit


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