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    Direct Cast Abutments (DCA), are used for the fabrication of custom made abutments and screw retained restorations, using a wax-up and cast-on technique, to facilitate the fabrication of screw retained prostheses. Manufactured from Delrin, which is a plastic that will burn-out whilst leaving no residue within the matrix. Can be cut to the exact length and wax added for the required dimension, whether it is for a crown, bridge or overdenture.
    Also, available with a gold interface for precise implant abutment connection.

    – Used for Single, Partial or Full mouth restorations
    – Suitable for all positions in the mouth
    – Can be customised to soft tissue contours to ensure the ideal emergence profile
    – Able to compensate for angulation and misalignment of implants
    – Porcelain modifications can be made around the margin to satisfy patient expectations in the aesthetic zone 

    Direct Cast Abutments* With Hex Gold Interface (Hex) Gold Interface (Bridge)
    Ø 3.75mm CO-DCA-375 CO-DCG-375 CO-BCG-375
    Ø 4.50mm CO-DCA-450 CO-DCG-450 CO-BCG-450