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OsteoCare™ Prosthetic Components are designed to be compatible with all its two-piece implants and provide clinicians with a wide range of restorative options. The external diameters of the components match those of the implants and cover every kind of restoration (single, multiple and overdenture) and all techniques (single or two-stage). An identical prosthetic design of all OsteoCare™’s two-piece implants allows prosthetic procedures to be similar, enhancing system simplicity.

Healing Collar Prosthetic ComponentImpression Transfer Prosthetic ComponentImplant Replica Prosthetic ComponentScrew Retained Abutment Prosthetic ComponentsraPeek Temporary Abutment Prosthetic ComponentDirect Cast Abutment Prosthetic ComponentPolycarbonate ‘O’ Ring Housing Prosthetic Component


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