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OsteoCare Mini Midi Post-Type Dental Implant

    OsteoCare Mini Midi Post-Type Dental Implant is used in cases where immediate loading is indicated. Patient selection includes satisfactory oral hygiene, favourable occlusal relationship and adequate bone volume and quality.

    A provisional crown can be placed immediately after dental implant insertion with light centric occlusion, while lateral occlusal contacts or discrepancies should be eliminated. As with any procedure, it is the responsibility of the clinician to determine the benefits and risks of immediate function compared with delayed loading for a given patient and implant site.

    The OsteoCare Mini Midi Post-Type Dental Implant should not be used in cases requiring more than 15º angulation to avoid over-reduction of the abutment section.

    1. Quick and simple implant placement due to conical shape
    2. Maximum primary stability in all types of bone due to the buttress threads design
    3. Atraumatic implant placement, even in cortical bone
    4. Bone expansion and compression by rotation making it less traumatic for the patient

    – One-stage Immediate Functional Loading
    – Immediate Post-Extraction and Late Implantation (Post-Type Only)

    The titanium alloy (6AL- 4V ELI) construction provides maximum strength allowing placement in areas with deficient bone quantity and quality, as well as limited tooth-to-tooth spacing. The special design of the buttress form thread with the grit-blasted and acid-etched surface, have been shown to maximise bone-to-implant contact. This has the advantage of allowing for compression and expansion of the site, thus achieving high stability even in poor quality bone, which results in successful osseointegration.

    With the simple one-piece design, there are no additional components to be purchased. Preparation of the abutment section is done intraorally by using regular carbide/diamond reducing burs.

    Mini implants are available in the diameter of 2.35 and 2.80mm, while Midi implants are available in larger diameters; 3.30, 3.80 & 4.30mm in varying lengths designed to suit a variety of clinical scenarios.

    Type Diameter Length
    Mini 2.35mm 10mm – 13mm
    Mini 2.80mm 10mm – 13mm
    Midi 3.30mm 10mm – 13mm – 16mm
    Midi 3.80mm 10mm – 13mm – 16mm
    Midi 4.30mm 10mm – 13mm – 16mm