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OsteoCare Maxi Z One-Piece Dental Implant

    OsteoCare Maxi Z One-Piece Dental Implant has a tapered self-drilling, self-tapping design. One-Piece implant means that the fixture and the abutment are made from one piece of titanium. This design improves the structural strength by eliminating the micro-gap found at the abutment junction of the two-piece implant.

    The OsteoCare Maxi Z One-Piece Dental Implant is ideal for when immediate loading is indicated, as the fixture design allows for all the surgical scenarios, including immediate post-extraction placement as well as in healed bony sites.

    1. Maxi Z One-Piece implants have strong self-tapping and self-drilling properties that achieve high initial stability even in low density bone.
    2. Its one-piece design eliminates the need for a screwed retained abutment
    3. The platform design gives a better aesthetic emergence profile, especially in the anterior aesthetic zone and in cases with atrophic ridges.
    4. Its crestal module design results in minimal marginal bone resorption due to the protective platform that decreases the overloading of the crestal bone.
    5. It is suitable for use in extraction sockets as well as healed bony sites.

    – One-stage Immediate Functional Loading
    – One-stage Delayed Function
    – Two-stage Delayed Function
    – Immediate Post-Extraction and Late Implantation

    The OsteoCare Maxi Z One-Piece Dental Implant is made from a titanium alloy (6AL- 4V ELI) providing maximum strength, with a buttress thread form and GBA (grit-blasted and acid-etched) surface. It is designed to allow for immediate loading in healed bony sites as well as in immediate post-extraction cases (fresh extraction sockets). Available in various diameters and lengths.

    Diameter Length
    3.30mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm
    3.75mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm
    4.50mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm
    5.50mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm


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