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OsteoCare Maxi Z Dental Implant

    OsteoCare Maxi Z Dental Implant is a tapered self-drilling, self-tapping two-piece dental implant that can be used in different bone qualities. It can be placed flaplessly or after raising a flap with minimal surgical steps using one drill or sequential drilling.
    It is suitable for all the surgical approaches including placement in extraction sockets as well as healed bony sites. The prosthetic abutment designs provide excellent aesthetic solutions to restore the dental implant with ideal emergence profile.

    – One-stage Immediate Functional Loading
    – One-stage Delayed Function
    – Two-stage Delayed Function
    – Immediate Post-Extraction and Late Implantation

    The OsteoCare Maxi Z Dental Implant is made of titanium alloy (6AL- 4V ELI) construction which provides maximum strength. It has a buttress thread form and GBA (grit-blasted and acid-etched) surface. These features give the Maxi Z implant the advantage of allowing for the compression and expansion of the bony site and achieving high primary stability in even poor quality bone.
    The design will allow for immediate loading in healed bony sites as well as in immediate post-extraction cases (fresh extraction socket). Available in various diameters and lengths.

    Diameter Length
    3.75mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm – 17mm
    4.50mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm – 17mm
    5.50mm 11mm – 13mm – 15mm