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OsteoCare Advanced Dental Implant

    OsteoCare Advanced Dental Implant is a conventional design with the added features of a twin-start thread and micro-grooved flared (tapered) head. This fundamental design improves the surgical approach of immediate post-extraction implantation, simplifies implant placement and facilitates the achievement of immediate retention within the socket. The internal hexagon allows easy attachment of the abutment.

    Research indicates that certain modifications can improve results in situations where poor quality bone is assessed and where early loading is anticipated, which in the long term can prove beneficial. With the OsteoCare Advanced Dental Implant the surgeon can confidently tackle a wider range of surgical scenarios.

    Advantages of Flared (Tapered) Head:
    1. Increased implant-to-bone contact enhances primary stability when used as an ‘Immediate postextraction Implant’ (at the time of extraction)
    2. Reduces the need for using bone grafts to fill the gap between the crestal part of the extraction socket and the implant
    3. Flaring of the implant towards the abutment allows optimal emergence profile and enhanced aesthetics
    4. Having micro-threads at the tapered neck reduces the possibility of crestal bone resorption and improves the possibility of osseointegration at the tapered crestal part of the implant. Micro-threads
    and grooves enhance and attract more osteoblasts to form bone
    5. The wide neck improves contact with cortical bone reducing the risk of inadvertent displacement into the maxillary sinus

    – One-stage Immediate Functional Loading
    – One-stage Delayed Function
    – Two-stage Delayed Function
    – Immediate Post-Extraction and Late Implantation

    Material used in its manufacture is titanium alloy 6AL-4V ELI (Extra Low Interstitial). The advantage of having a twin-start thread means that it can be placed in poor quality bone, which radically enhances primary stability, and for type II or type III bone the opportunity to immediately or early load is maximised. Twin-start threads allow insertion at double the speed in comparison to single threaded designs, thus facilitating easier implant placement.

    The micro-grooving and acid-etching of the flared (tapered) head gives a micro-roughened surface that allows for the prevention of marginal bone loss via shear forces, but is smooth enough to minimise bacterial loading in the event of soft tissue breakdown. Studies have shown that the micro grooves promote the collection of osteoblasts enhancing bone growth.

    The Advanced Dental Implant utilises standard OsteoCare™ instrumentation (Universal Surgical Kit), therefore no investment in new instrumentation is required, in keeping with the OsteoCare™ philosophy Affordable Implantology.

    Diameter Length
    3.75mm 8mm – 10mm – 12mm – 14mm – 16mm
    4.50mm 8mm – 10mm – 12mm – 14mm – 16mm