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Dentists Testimonials
OsteoCare™ Implant system

“Having placed over 3000 implants using 5 different implant systems since 1989, I can honestly say that I have not found a more practical implant system for both implant insertion and restoration than the Osteocare implant system.”

Dr Gary Hills, St Annes Dental Clinic, St Annes, Lancashire


Mini-Midi Implants

“I have been placing dental implants for 33 years. The mini/midi implants have greatly enhanced the service I offer my patients. I am using them in conventional and terminal bone situations, for immediate and delayed loading and in extraction and healed sites. Fast positive fixation is uniquely achieved with simultaneous bone condensation and expansion. We call them the ‘patient friendly implant’ due to their ease of use with no incising, drilling or suturing. We are pleased to accept referrals from other dentists.”

Dr Bernard Jaffa BDS, 58 Lisburn Road Belfast BT9 6AF


Osteocare Implant System

“The system is more versatile than most – particuarly on the prosthetic side with a huge range of angled abutments to choose from. They also offer several types of implant with a larger range of diameters and lengths than most manufacturers. Over the years I have always found the staff to be most helpful and efficient.

The technical side of the company is highly innovative and again most helpful and willing to discuss new ideas.”

Dr Duncan Evans, Southsea, Hants.