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Intensive Dental Implantology Course


Course Director:
Dr. Amr Zahran, BDS, M.Sc, Ph.D.
Professor of Periodontology
Cairo University

CPD Accreditation: 56 CPD points

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce basic, as well as advanced concepts and principles related to dental and oral implantology. Starting from historical perspectives, implant biomaterials and principles of placement; hard and soft tissue reconstruction and maintenance, treatment of complications, contradictory theories and the latest clinical advancements are among the topics included.

Course Objectives

1) Full introduction to dental implantology
2) To enable dentists to recognise clinical situations in which dental implants may complement or enhance the oral rehabilitation of the patient
3) Introduce through interpretation of CBVT and OPG, the modern techniques and materials related to dental implantology, with live surgery -allowing attendees to place implants in patients provided by the training centre
4) To provide support for the dentists after completion of the training course.

Course Duration

The course is a continuing professional ‘condensed’ education programme, comprising of structured modules in the study and training of oral implantology, extending over five days.

Course Contents

The course is divided into three modules:

1. Lectures
2. Hands-on: Implant placement, prosthetic training and sinus lifting (simulation).
3. Surgical training: Each participant will place 8 implants under supervision. Additional implants may be placed at a minimal cost.

Lectures –Subject Matter

1. Introduction to dental implantology:
     · History of dental implants
     · Types of dental implants
     · Patient selection and diagnosis
     · Dental implants Surgical kit & tools
     · Dental implants and associated Prosthetic components
     · Overview of implant insertion
     · Review and Interpretation of CBVT and OPG

2. Different approaches for implant insertion post tooth extraction:
     · Late implantation
     · Immediate post-extraction implantation
     · Delayed immediate implantation
     · Dental implantation in infected sites
     · Detailed description of each method discussing advantages and indications.

3. OsteoCare Dental Implants:
     · Mini & Midi implants
     · Maxi Z implant
     · Maxi Z One-Piece implant
     · Maxi Z Flat-End implant
     · Compression-Expansion principles

4. Immediate loading of root-form dental implants:
     · Immediate loading of single implants
     · Immediate loading of implant-supported bridge frame-work
     · Immediate loading of implant-supported overdentures
     · Indications and contra-indications

5. Flapless Implant surgery:
     · Flapless implantation in healed bony sites
     · Flapless implantation in extraction sockets
     · Flapless implantation and immediate loading

6. Hard tissue grafting:
     · Types of bone grafting materials
     · Mechanism of action
     · Indications in different peri-implant bony defects
     · Evaluation of the most common commercially available grafting materials
     · Platelet rich plasma

7. Guided bone regeneration:
     · Types of GBR barrier materials
     · Mechanism of action
     · Indications of GBR barriers

8. Unconventional methods to modify bone quality and volume:
     · Maxillary sinus floor      · augmentation
     · Distraction osteogenesis
     · Bone splitting and spreading
     · Mandibular nerve lateralization

9. Prognosis of dental implants:
     ·Presentation and discussion of all the factors that affect the outcome for dental implant treatment

10. Diagnosis and Treatment of Peri-implantitis:
     · Methods of diagnosis of peri-implantitis
     · Non-surgical and surgical treatment options of peri-implantitis

11. Complications of dental implants:
     ·Review of the most common, as well as the more rare, complications of dental implants and their management

Attendance Certificates

Upon completion of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate with 56 hours verifiable CPD