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Periotest M

Now it is possible to perform wireless osseointegration measurements on dental implants.

The Periotest is the instrument most commonly used for measuring osseointegration in dental implants. It is also available as a hand-held mobile device, known as the Periotest M. Now it is even simpler to perform an objective evaluation of an implant’s stability.

The basic concept of the Periotest M is impressive because of its simplicity: the device is activated by a single switch and the measuring sequence begins forthwith. The test results are shown on the instrument’s integral display. The new model retains the strengths of the traditional Periotest measuring procedure, particularly its suitability for use in universal applications: the instrument can be used for taking measurements on a wide variety of implants, without the need for any special accessories, such as a transmitter or similar device. The Periotest is clearly a very economical measuring instrument.

Periotest M

The Piezomed from W & H offers minimally invasive and maximally effective ultrasound technology in oral surgery.

Piezomed facilitates the surgeon’s and implantologist’s work: thanks to innovative ultrasound technology, only bone substance is resected with high precision. The surrounding soft tissue remains uninjured. A noticeable relief for the patient: less pain, quicker healing!

The Piezomed from W & H
Acteon Satelec I-Surge + Implant Motor

The I Surge + is the top of the range Implant Motor from company Acteon Satelec.

The I Surge + is a powerful unit with reliable electronic speed and torque control. It is compact, versatile and easy to use, with a large visible LCD screen.

The I Surge + is robust and weighted with an aluminium case and has an autoclavable Micro Motor. It also has hands free option with a colour-coded footswitch.

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Acteon Satelec I-Surge + Implant Motor

The Implant Med from W & H offers you a well-engineered drive unit for dental surgery application. The main features are very short and light motor, user-friendly operation, wide speed range, 300 – 40,000 rpm, precise torque limitation 5-50ncm and integrated coolant. The Implantmed can be used with either of the hand-pieces we supply.

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Implant Med
Contra Angle Handpiece with LED+ (WI-75 LED G)

This LED+ handpiece generates pure white light all by themselves. This is due to the integrated generator that provides power to the LED.

With their neuteral white light based on optimum colour temperature, the LEDs provide a superior light source. This allows you to have daylight quality light in the treatment area whether you have an optic or non- optic drive system.

This hand piece can be used with the W & H Implantmed.

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Contra Angle Handpiece with LED
Contra Angle Handpiece (WS-75E/KM)

W & H have developed a series of contra angle handpieces for maxillo-facial surgery, implantology and microsurgery.

The main features are, reliable dur to robust construction, easy to clean, slim design – good view, durable – made from high grade stainless steel, can be thermo washer disinfected and sterilizable.

This handpiece can be used with the W & h implantmed.

Please quote osteocare01 to obtain the special discount.

Contra Angle Handpiece